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Unlock capacities for positive contributions

We see the beauty of this world. We acknowledge the potential which is present in humans. We also see the daily struggle to balance taking care for ‘ourselves’ and for ‘the other’. In this light, we re-evaluate the role of individuals, the role of organizations ─ their basic assumptions and strategies. It is this task that deserves our immediate attention.

We accompany people in organizations to discover and live the deeper hidden values and principles that define who they really are: the Soul. That unique element which gives your organization the ‘raison d’être’. Our main goal is to contribute to an emerging culture: unlocking capacities for positive contributions, so that our civilization will become more just, prosperous and sustainable.

Elevating instead of changing

We do this by helping organizations with strategic positioning (branding, behavioural transformation, systemic implementation, design & communication) from a perspective of comprehensive thinking. We make this happen by connecting people with one another and allowing them to work and live together. To learn both individually as well as a group, we encourage interactions between people and their organizations.

And through this process, we empower the organization to work on a positive and trustworthy community. A community that realizes its potential is defined by its contributions to our world. We always start with ‘why?’ In this way we can collaboratively elevate to the highest level imaginable.

Interactions: free will

We think about interactions. If people are involved, engaged, they will contribute to the community they have chosen to belong to. Everything and everyone is connected, whether we like it or not. To transform companies into communities, relations have to be built and strengthened. Sustainable, trustworthy relationships are based on each individual’s own willingness to contribute to the community.

Therefore our perspective on organizations is all about bringing people together around their shared values, purpose and principles; rediscovering what their common beliefs are. We reinforce this through storytelling and interactions, so they become an emerging community. People build and strengthen relationships if they work and live together. We believe that provoking interactions contributes to facilitating and stimulating opportunities for people to build their interrelations.

Whether we think about future employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, the management team or any other person… everybody contributes to ‘living and manifesting the Soul’ of this community.

Finding the soul

A strong brand identity is a community of like-minded people, that share the same principles. Based on these shared principles, people take actions and communicate. In the workshop Finding the soul we will search and define these timeless and timely principles for your organization. Once you know specifically which principles you share, you can start using these consistently in a dynamic world. Justice is the driving force for all actions and truth the driving force for all communication. What will follow this is trust - your organization (brand) becomes a living trustworthy community.

In 2013 we toured through Europe with the Finding the soul open workshop and keynotes(Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Münich, Milano, Lisbon, Moscow). 1.000+ people participated, and more than 20 companies did the full in-company program of finding and defining the common principles to build a trustworthy community.

If you want to know more about organizing or participating a Finding the soul event, or if you are looking for the in-company workshop series for building a trustworthy community, please drop us a line and we start the conversation. 


Our approach

We see a world yearning for compassion and empathy, for cooperation and reciprocity, for meaning and action. We see a society on the verge of a new era, where humanity is willing and able to “make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone“

We see many people all over the world who, while being concerned about the developments in society, are eager to make a difference and to participate in meaningful action.

We see a growing need in organisations around the world to develop a sense of community. The word community consists of commune (to share) and unity. A community is when we naturally cooperate and learn together, where its members are driven by a higher purpose and serve the common good rather than their own interest, where relationships are based on trust and where individuals can truly develop their potential.

Our response

We are convinced that the most successful and attractive companies in the future will be those that have mastered the concept of community building.

Our purpose is therefore to transform companies into communities. To contribute to greater unity in diversity in the world. We are driven by values of cooperation and reciprocity, comprehensive thinking, attraction to beauty, and striving to get to the essence of a matter. We derive joy from unlocking capacities in others to make positive changes.

We do this through:

  • Classrooms: a training program open to companies and individuals to become community builders, who are able to promote unity, cooperation, and learning.
  • Consultancy: close accompaniment within the organisation to become a purposeful and learning community.
  • Communications: design and positioning that develops a trustworthy brand.

Our approach

Central to our thinking is the concept of unity. We see unity in nature and consider it a state of perfection through which any other accomplishment can be achieved with ease. Unity is both the goal and the means. We believe that the more people cooperate together, the greater their success will be.

We have witnessed that meaningful and lasting change happens from the inside out. Our approach, therefore, is not one of a conventional management consultancy or training agency. Our work is capacity building in individuals, groups and management to create the conditions that make a community possible.

Our most recent projects were done for

Rabobank Rotterdam Bank v/d Toekomst
Roche Switzerland
Unicef Nederland
ABN Amro Verzekeringen
Altran Germany

Our team

All around the world, capable and inspired individuals join our community to drive meaningful change in companies. They are active contributors to the body of knowledge of how to transform companies into purposeful and united communities.

Our team consists of

  • Sjoerd LuteynSjoerd Luteyn More
  • Oscar Mendez RosaOscar Mendez Rosa More
  • Osric CatonOsric Caton

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you would like have a cup of coffee and learn more about our work.

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Call us at +31 10 4763808 and visit us at Stationsplein 45 D2.133 3013AK Rotterdam

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